Senior Moments

Students Learn How to Handle the Costs of Senior Year

Ana Sono, Staff Writer

As the class of 2015 gathered for their final guidelines and expectations assembly, this group of seniors was excited – and a bit overwhelmed – by all of the upcoming events that this year has in store for them. One thing that students also learned is that senior year can be a bit expensive.
A graduation fee of thirty dollars was included in this year’s list of what seniors must pay for. When this fee was announced at the assembly, students wondered how to cover yet another fee.
Dr. Rogers shared that this fee was put in place this year because the class has not raised enough money over the past three years to cover graduation. All of those cancelled dances and PB Idol competitions that never quite happened could have been funding sources for senior events – including graduation
According to Dr. Rogers, students will have individual fundraising options to help defray or eliminate this $30 graduation fee. Dr. Rogers notes that she is “happy to do anything and everything that I possibly can to reduce costs for students.” She adds that “within a couple of weeks we are going to provide an option where students can individually fundraise to absolutely cover the cost of the graduation fee.”
Dr. Rogers is also looking more closely at the costs and fundraising opportunities for other classes – 2016, 2017, and even 2018 – in the hope that these classes can look into fundraising options.
As for the class of 2015, Dr. Rogers notes that, while they will have options for paying the fee, “students should have already have some more money in their pocket with the reduced cost of cap and gowns this year.”