Chivalry is Dead; He Said

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Chivalry is Dead; He Said

Alfonse Adiama, Staff Writer

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“Chivalry is dead” is something many young men have heard over the years. In fact, a good portion of these young men do not even understand what chivalry is.

Let’s be honest, the chivalry that our girlfriends or female companions fault us for killing isn’t dead, it has just been revamped and reinvented. Chivalry, in its modern day form, is exemplified by the politeness of a man towards a woman.

In today’s world, technology is a big part of how males express their love and caring, if they have any, for their girlfriends. Instead of taking long walks through the park where the two converse thoughtfully, guys now have long, pensive conversations…through texting. Instead of taking you on dates to earn your love and affection, today’s guy may just buy a bunch of your favorite candy and chill together. And, instead of blasting your favorite song through the speakers of a ten pound radio we struggle to hold up outside your house – disturbing the whole neighborhood – we might send you our favorite song or share a playlist with you. If you think about it, there really is no difference.

Some girls confuse this type of modern-chivalry with boorish behavior. If you are waiting for a guy to mount his steed and go to war just for the sake of appealing to you, especially if you are simply getting to know one another or are in the early stages of a relationship, than it will be a long wait.

Chivalry has changed and adapted to the twenty-first century, and guys have adapted right along with it. Young ladies should pay attention to how guys show their love in new and more subtle ways. Instead of harping on guys for not doing it the way your grandma always tells you about, embrace the kind and modern-day chivalry you are experiencing and you’ll have your own stories to tell.

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Chivalry is Dead; He Said