Valentine’s Day: He Says

Alfonse Adiama, Staff Writer

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Valentine’s Day is most often seen as a day to show your love and appreciation for your significant other. It is one day out of 365 that is supposed to symbolize how much you “love” somebody.
When one thinks of it this way, it makes sense.

The origins of Valentine’s Day are debated among historians and its true intent is discussed all of the time. My belief is that there shouldn’t be only ONE day you show your love for your significant other, if you have one. Think about it – isn’t every time you see that person important? Isn’t every moment a precious moment? Don’t the days that you spend with your significant other in January, March, and September count?

Valentines Day, though it is praised as a day to profess and celebrate your love for those you hold dear, has instead become a popularity contest. In 5th grade on Valentines Day, the girl who received the most cards was followed like a deity, as was the boy who received the most. These two became the prince and princess for the day. But why? What did we know about love then? What do we know about love now? The word is thrown around loosely.

Every love is different. In 8th grade, I watched a guy give six different girls cards that were bought at the school store for 50 cents. How was that special? Back then and still today kids make it a contest to show how much they care for someone in order to show off. It is crazy to think that giving more on this one day to your significant other means that you care more than someone else cares for their significant other is crazy. The idea that giving more equates to loving someone more is sick.

Valentine’s Day presents sort of the same issue as date-night. If you love someone, I mean TRULY love someone, then Valentine’s Day should feel just like another day. People act like they met each other on Valentine’s Day, or something. No offense to the couples that did, but come on. True love shouldn’t be represented by some symbolic day. That’s not how love works. Spend time with your girl or guy every day. Show them you truly love them by little actions over time, not just by doing things on a jam-packed day full of spurious actions.

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Valentine’s Day: He Says