The Hidden Mystery Behind Jazz Singers

Christine Vo, J1 Staff Writer

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Ba Bump. Ba Bump. Ba Bump. The lights blind your sight as you make your way onstage. You hear people screaming your name. The performance you’ve been practicing for so long has finally come. You put on your best smile and the beat hits.

As students rush to fill up their school schedule for the upcoming year, many wonder what exactly Jazz Singers is. Mrs. Mitchell, the director of Jazz Singers, clarifies, “it is an advanced performance class that specializes in classical musical as well as show choir music.”

As for how many students reach this elite level, Mrs. Mitchell says that the number can vary from year to year. Enrollment can be as low to 25 or as high as to 40 students. In order to take this class, however, students must be sure to keep one semester free as the class is a full year course.

Sarah Nguyen, a junior, auditioned for the group in February for the first time. “I feel nervous, however, I have been thinking about doing Jazz Singers for a while now and I think I have what it takes. I don’t think I’m someone that has tried multi-tasking as in singing and dancing before, so when I see Jazz Singers perform, they look very memorable,” stated Nguyen.     

The audition process is fairly quick and easy. First, sign up for an audition slot on the sign up sheet and fill out a form. Performers then attend their scheduled audition and sing the song of their choice to Mrs. Mitchell with or without music accompaniment. Finally, students go over vocal scales with Mrs. Mitchell on the piano.

Nguyen believes that the audition process was well worth it. She has since made it into Jazz Singers and is excited for the upcoming year filled with music, gold dresses, and dancing.

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The Hidden Mystery Behind Jazz Singers