NFL Draft 2019: a Closer Look at the Top 5 Receivers

Nathan Terry, III, Staff Writer

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The receiver position is one of the most complex skill positions there is in the game of football. Seriously, the receiver position can get complicated as it requires a player to know  when to block, know the defensive formation, and read whether the defender is in man or zone coverage. Also, receivers have to watch a lot of film so they know their matchup at the corner position. In the 2019 NFL draft there are many receivers who are really smart and who have a chance to make a real impact on whatever team they go to.

The  number one receiver on many scout’s draft board is the freak from Ole Miss, D.K Metcalf. I see Metcalf going in the early first round because of his size and speed. This is a player who  will be able to take advantage of the smaller defenders who line up on him. Metcalf dominated the combine and scouts put him on par with all-pro wideout Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons, a guy who had a monster season last year. Metcalf has a chance to make a big impact on many teams.

The number two receiver who can really make a splash in the NFL is Marquise Brown out of Oklahoma. Brown is a beast and comes from a beast family as well. That’s right, he is former Steeler and current Raider Antonio Brown’s cousin. Marquise Brown will have a lot of expectations to live up to knowing who his cousin is, but he’s got the skill for it.  Brown will go mid-first round I think this 5’ 10” 0 ,170 pounder could be the same if not better than his cousin. Scouts compare him to his cousin because they are the same height, but Antonio Brown is just a little heavier at 186 pounds.

The  number three receiver off the board should be N’Keal Harry out of Arizona State. Harry is a beast at 6’ 4”  and 213 pounds, which means that Harry muscles the ball away from defenders with ease. Harry is not the fastest receiver on this list but he can still burn you with his quickness in his releases off the line. At the combine he ran a 4.53, which is a pretty good time for a guy his size.   Teams would be happy to add this monster to their roster, especially with his size. Look for him to go late in the first or early second round tops.

The number four guy on this list is Hakeem Butler from  Iowa State. This 6’ 5” monster can ball with even the legend himself, Megatron, aka Calvin Johnson,  saying about him, “Looking at him reminds me so much of myself.” If a legend says that a guy reminds him of himself  then you know the guy is obviously doing something right. Butler will make a good addition to any team who drafts him just on his  athleticism alone. The average defensive back in the NFL is around 6 feet tall, so Butler is 5 inches taller than that and had the longest reach and wingspan in the group of wide receivers at the combine. Let that sink that in for a minute. Despite all of this, Butler probably won’t go off the board until the late first round and could last until the mid-second if teams don’t need a receiver.

The number five receiver is Deebo Samuel out of South Carolina. He will be a great addition to any team as well, though he is on the smaller side at only 6 feet. What this means is that teams will line Samuel up in  the slot to catch a lot of passes. He is not the fastest for his size but he does have good quickness and awareness. Samuel had consistency catching the football all year and has some of the best hands in this draft class. But his size will probably make teams shy away until  a little later in the draft than the other guys. Look for him to go in the mid to late-second round.