Movie Time

At Home or at Theater, Everyone Loves the Movies

Allan Djebalo, Staff Writer

Lots of people go to the movies and enjoy their time inside the cool, dark environs of the theater. For some, being in the theater is the only way to catch a movie. There are others, however, who prefer to wait for the movie to show up on TV for free.

What is the better choice though?

The movie theater has multiple positives. One is that you get to see the movie when it first comes out instead of waiting for it to be free on TV months later. Another positive is the social aspect of being able to watch with friends or family. You can do this at home, but there is a different feeling at the movies compared to being in the living room, and it is easily noticeable. The experience of actually going to see a movie is something everyone should aim to do. It’s like going to a sporting event because the atmosphere is exciting.

Then there are the negatives of going out to the movies. One thing that is a common problem is overpriced movie theater food. According to, at AMC – a large, national movie chain – a small popcorn costs $5.50, and a large popcorn bucket and large drink costs $14.59. That could be more than your entire ticket, though those prices have gone up as well. The next negative is a personal one, though I know some people agree with me. It really bothers me how cold it always is inside of the theater. No matter what the weather, I find it chilly inside. The final thing that bothers me about seeing a movie in the theater is my reaction to the movie. After a movie, I am always wondering, “Was it worth paying for?” I know that I’ve left the theater many times feeling like that movie wasn’t all that or complaining about several parts throughout the movie.

The other alternative, of course, is watching a movie at home. The benefits of watching a movie at home vary, but one really good one is access to food. At home you don’t have to worry about paying for food and can choose whatever you’d like, but there are no movie theater snacks at home, which can be tough for some. Another positive is being able to pause and rewind a movie. You might have a phone call to answer or may need to take a bathroom break and at home that is as easy as just pressing a button on the remote. A rewind comes in handy just in case you doze off or miss an important moment. Of course, for me, being able to control the room temperature helps a lot as well.

Personally, I believe you should go to the movie theater if you are really interested in watching a movie. Something that can help you avoid feeling disappointed is watching the full trailer before deciding to shell out the money for the ticket and concessions. Commercials usually don’t show the entire trailer so watching the full trailer could help your decision. Also, Instead of eating at the movies you can eat out before or after you see the movie, which can save you a lot of money and get you better food. Preferably eat after so you don’t feel drained watching the movie. The movie theater can be an awesome place and bring lots of joy and thrills if your hopes are met, which is why I think people should make an effort to catch a movie every once in a while.