Celebrating Achievement: AP Event Acknowledges Some of PB’s Hardest Working Students

Caitlyn Neils, Center Editor

January 3, 2020

Last school year, Paint Branch students took over 1100 AP exams in a wide array of courses. While these test numbers reveal a small drop from the previous year (from 1223 to 1179), they still represent a strong representation...

CollegeTracks: A New Program for Success

Israel White, Staff Writer

January 3, 2020

With college edging closer every day, the application and financial aid process can quickly get confusing, overwhelming, and just overall stressful. No one wants to be left staggering under the pressure of paperwork, decisions,...

Solar Probe Nears Sun

Angel Benjamin, News Editor

January 3, 2020

With a space theory in hand and a solar probe destined for the sun, scientists are excited to learn more about the heart of the solar system. In August 2018, NASA launched the Parker Solar Probe, a probe specially designed to...

Harris Drops Bid for Presidency

Mainstream Staff

January 3, 2020

On December 3rd, in a somewhat surprising move, California Senator Kamala Harris dropped out of the Democratic Presidential race. Harris, who at one-time was seen as a top tier candidate, had dropped, registering in only the low...

Life Expectancy Decrease

Israel White, Staff Writer

January 3, 2020

After decades of increase, the life expectancy rate in the United States has been on a notable decline for the past three years. According to a recent study by Steven Woolf, a professor of Family Medicine and Population Health,...

Future Women in Business Conference at UMD

Giodona Campbell, Staff Writer

January 3, 2020

On November 22, Paint Branch’s Finance Academy was invited to Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland for the seventh annual “Future Women in Business Conference.” The conference encourages young...

2020 School Calendar Brings Change (Again)

Salina Petros, Contributing Writer

January 3, 2020

MCPS released its calendar for the 2020-2021 school year which reveals a sudden change that may not be very welcome news for students. According to the MCPS press release, in 2020-2021 students will move back to beginning school...

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