2020-2021 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Alexis Council Staff Writer See Alexis Council’s profile
See Alexis Council’s profile
Michael Taylor Staff Writer See Michael Taylor’s profile
See Michael Taylor’s profile
Bountou Sylla Staff Writer See Bountou Sylla’s profile
See Bountou Sylla’s profile
Jastej Singh Staff Writer See Jastej Singh’s profile
See Jastej Singh’s profile
Salina Petros Staff Writer See Salina Petros’s profile
See Salina Petros’s profile
Autumn Peace Staff Writer See Autumn Peace’s profile
See Autumn Peace’s profile
Wynona Patterson Staff Writer See Wynona Patterson’s profile
See Wynona Patterson’s profile
Harkiran Loh Staff Writer See Harkiran Loh’s profile
See Harkiran Loh’s profile
Lindsay Labady Staff Writer See Lindsay Labady’s profile
See Lindsay Labady’s profile
Theresa Kabasela Staff Writer See Theresa Kabasela’s profile
See Theresa Kabasela’s profile
Rasmin Islam Staff Writer See Rasmin Islam’s profile
See Rasmin Islam’s profile
Amina Hall Staff Writer See Amina Hall’s profile
See Amina Hall’s profile
Yeabsira Getachew Staff Writer See Yeabsira Getachew’s profile
See Yeabsira Getachew’s profile
Devin Etta Staff Writer See Devin Etta’s profile
See Devin Etta’s profile
Kimmie Nguyen Contributor See Kimmie Nguyen’s profile
See Kimmie Nguyen’s profile
Angel Benjamin Editor-In-Chief See Angel Benjamin’s profile
See Angel Benjamin’s profile
Trinity Goppy Assistant Editor-In-Chief See Trinity Goppy’s profile
See Trinity Goppy’s profile
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