The Earth is on Fire: What You Can Do To Stop It

Diamond Scott, Staff Writer

November 15, 2019

Rising sea levels, melting glaciers, and destruction of forest life are just a few of the effects of global warming, and the only way to stop it before the consequences become deadly is by starting with ourselves.   Over the...

BSU Looks to Expand Reach: Group Events Focus on Education, Unity

Beverly Yirenkyi, Staff Writer

October 30, 2019

Have you ever wanted to join club at school and felt like you couldn’t? A very common misconception about black student unions is that only black people can attend meetings. A black student union always emulates an open space...

Trinity’s Take: New Music

Trinity Goppy, Columnist

October 30, 2019

The Kids are Alright by Chloe x Halle Rating: 4 ½ stars Chloe x Halle is reshaping hip-hop and R&B in their own image on their debut album. The Beyonce-approved sister-duo is definitely ones to watch. The Bailey Sisters...

The Pisces Prophet: Oct. 23-Dec. 1

Sonchereé McCampbell, Columnist

October 30, 2019

Astrology is more than just a fun way to know what your crush is thinking. If used in the accurate way, evaluating the positions of the planets, it can also predict someone’s feelings for the day. According to the cosmos, October 23rd...

Change Yourself Before you Try to Change the World

Nigus Getahun, Columnist

October 30, 2019

Now more than ever, we see a rise of social justice concerns among the population, and an increasing level of youth involvement as more and more people attempt to advocate large-scale social and political change. This shift of...

Gun Reform: How Many More Deaths Will it Take?

Diamond Scott, Columnist

October 29, 2019

Did you know that it takes only 15 minutes to buy a gun in Virginia? How about the fact that on an application to purchase a firearm your social security number isn’t required? These two facts tend to be quite surprising...

Let’s Take Back Our CROWN

Giodona Campbell, Columnist

October 29, 2019

Every time I had to roll into school with a throbbing scalp and on the verge of bawling because of my fresh cornrows, it wasn’t only because my head had its own heartbeat but because I wish I could just come to school with my...

First Reformed: An Interesting Perspective on Climate Change

Alana Campbell, Columnist

October 29, 2019

(Note: very light spoilers ahead) The Academy Award-nominated film First Reformed was released two years ago, but its message is more relevant than ever. It’s set in Modern-day Upstate New York and follows Reverend Toller,...

Environmental Crisis: Montgomery’s County Youth Rises to Responsibility

Soncheree McCampbell, Features Editor

October 29, 2019

On September 20th, thousands of protests were held internationally in support of environmental justice, protection of indigenous land and biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, and the ratification of the Green New Deal, a congressional...

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