PB Perspectives Presents: The Lightning Thief

Over the course of four nights and two weekends, the PB Perspectives team performed their spring production for this year. The show, The Lightning Thief, is based on the novel of the same name in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. The musical’s script was written by Joe Tracz and the songs were written by Rob Rokicki, both critically acclaimed artists. The Lightning Thief is PB Perspective’s first musical since Spring 2019’s Annie.

The play begins on a field trip where the main character, Percy Jackson (Brian Mejia Ramos), gets expelled after surviving an attack from his teacher Mrs. Dodds (Isatu Jalloh). Percy and his mom Sally (Rebeca Mejia) then go on a trip and they meet Percy’s best friend Grover (Ahmir Ingram) and are shortly after attacked by a Minotaur (Alexa Cassels) and Sally is presumed dead after defending Percy from the Minotaur. Percy then awakens inside Camp Half-Blood, a place where the campers are all demigods (someone who is half human and half god). He then befriends fellow campers Luke Castellan (Aldrich Leonor) and Annabeth Chase (Charis Foster). Percy also soon finds out he is the son of the Greek God Posideon. 

Everyone at the camp discovers the God Zeus’ Master Lightning Bolt has been stolen which may start a war between the gods. Percy then goes on a quest to stop this and is accompanied by Grover and Annabeth. On their journey to Los Angeles, which is where they were told the entrance to the Underworld will be, they encounter numerous obstacles such as losing their way and encountering a variety of monsters. Percy, Annabeth, and Grover eventually make it to Los Angeles and after a long musical number, they get into the Underworld and meet Hades (Imani Williams) who wants Zeus’ Master Lightning Bolt and in return give back Sally who is then revealed to be trapped. Percy, Annabeth, and Grover then find Zeus’ Master Lightning Bolt inside of Percy’s backpack and realize that Ares (Box Darisme) is responsible for trying to start a war between the gods and he put the Lightning Bolt in the backpack along the journey. Shortly after that, Percy and Ares battle it out with Percy winning, and restoring peace among the gods. Sally is also freed and then Poseidon (Ahmed Sidee) arrives and they unite.   

After returning to Camp Half-Blood, the campers are told that they must decide whether to go home or stay at the camp all year. Percy and the audience then find out Luke was also involved in trying to start a war between the gods and after a scuffle between the two Luke runs off and is never seen again. Soon after, Percy announces he is going home, ending the story and the musical.

The musical, which consists of two acts, has 19 songs packed into it. The very first song in the show is “The Day I Got Expelled,” which introduces us to Percy and explains the events in the beginning of the story. Other notable pieces include “Drive,” which is played during a montage of Percy, Grover, and Annabeth traveling across the country to the underworld, “D.O.A,” which is accompanied by flashing bright lights shining on the stage as the characters dance to the beat, and the show’s final number, “Bring on the Monsters.” 

The PIT orchestra was an essential part of the show as they provided all of the music and played live each night. For this show, the PIT consisted of Grace Min on piano, Zayra Munoz and Sebastian Seda on violin, Andrew Reyes on drums and percussion instruments, and Israel Santos and Shaylie Allmond on guitar. Reyes, when asked about how his time in the PIT expressed that he thought it was fun and that he made a lot of friends doing it.

Working along with students was the production team which consisted of the producer Ms. Amber Clair Perkins, Technical Director Mr. Jeff Bailey, Vocal Director Mr. Sammy Huh, and the Music Director Mr. Alex Mann. Perkins, when asked about what she felt about the musical said she was very proud of the show and thought that the students did a good job.

With a lot of hard work from the actors, the PIT Orchestra, the production team, families, and the community, it was another great show by PB Perspectives.