Paint Branch’s Opening Tailgate

Who’s ready for some football? Well, if you were one of the people in attendance at the tailgate event before the first ever football game in Paint Branch’s new stadium, you were ready.

The tailgate, which was organized by SGA, took place on Monday, September 16th before the first home football game against rival James Hubert Blake High School. While estimates put the game attendance at about 3,000, the tailgate was not as well attended. However, those who did attend the tailgate were very enthusiastic about being a part of it all.  Mr. Edmonds, a volunteering parent, said, “Who’s ready? I know I am. Let’s eat and get this started!”

For those who did come, the tailgate was a good way to attract the Paint Branch community and support the players. The tailgate was just like a welcoming ceremony and also the leading event that set the tone for the rest of the evening.  Parents baked cupcakes and sold ice cold drinks. Students crowded around for the delicious hot dogs cooked fresh on the grill.  Mrs. Ryan,  a science teacher and PB perspectives advisor, said, “I liked that the students were able to hang out and the food was really good too!”

The tailgate began in front of the main entrance of the school before relocating to the back, while athletes and teachers prepared for the grand entrance. Everyone was all lined up, fidgety and squirming, ready to begin. Smiles swept across everyone’s faces and all the athletes were fidgeting in place with anticipation. The band practiced one last time and the cheerleading and poms stood in place reviewing their routines. This was the final preparation for everyone before the big event .  Mr. Feher signaled for everyone to begin.

Lauryn Edmonds, a Paint Branch cheerleader said, “I’m too excited right now. I’m glad I’m even a part of this!”

Once everyone poured out onto the field the game finally began. However all the built-up excitement wouldn’t have been possible without  the supporting tailgate.