Amina Hall

Amina Hall, Staff Writer

Amina Hall, is she your average high school student? Yes, she is, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t also an interesting person. From her unusual choice in favorite class to her possible reason for responding so quickly to questions, Amina is an interesting teen.

When it comes to school, Amina says her favorite class ever is TV drama which shows she is okay putting herself out there. She likes presenting and performing, which connects to the competitive nature shown in the games she likes. Speaking of which, when asked what kind of games she likes, both video games and board games make the cut. 

She says  that her favorite games would have to be those in The Super Smash Bros series or the Super Mario Kart series. Both of these are PvC/PvP games which are competitive game styles. These games, plus her favorite class, show the competitive, performing, and presenting nature of Amina. 

As for the simple things in life like lunch, Amina is likely to go for a sandwich and sides. Some other aspects that make up who this young woman is are her favorite colors - blue and gray - and a family that includes parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, and grandparents.

by: Autumn Peace

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Amina Hall