Harkiran Loh

Harkiran Loh, Staff Writer

What do you want to be in the future? For freshman Harkiran Loh the answer is either a doctor or a lawyer. Part of this is because she loves helping people; she’s a person for the people.

Harkiran’s current interest is in journalism, which she is focusing on as a new staff writer for  Mainstream. Harkiran is currently living in Silver Spring and has been a part of MCPS for about five to six years. She lives in a humble home with her family, which consists of her parents and one brother named Ramneek. 

Harkiran believes she is an innocent person, as she calls herself “not much of a curser.” She likes her pizza with chicken, green peppers, and mushrooms on it and she loves drinking soup during the colder seasons, especially during autumn, her favorite season. She is very excited about life and where it will take her in the future and she would love to have telekinesis as a superpower. 

She’s a great addition to the Paint Branch newspaper and, with her amazing writing skills, professionalism, and nice personality, she hopes to be able to help others as she shares her stories. 

by: Lindsay Labady

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Harkiran Loh