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Jastej Singh is a 12th grader at Paint Branch, who was born and raised in Maryland. He has a dream to one day own a business. While he is not  sure of what kind of business just yet, he feels confident that he will discover what he wants in due time. 

For Jastej  video games are a lot of fun and something he really enjoys. He notes that video games can improve hand-eye coordination and  can help with goal setting. When he’s not playing games, you might find him watching  movies in the theatre when he has the time - and when it is safe to do so. 

Jastej also enjoys playing a number of physical  sports. He is very athletic and active, so sports are important to him. Additionally, he is currently learning how to drive a car, which he says he is doing great with overall. 

While he does plan on college and then business, if  he were to ever win the lottery his plans would be to stop going to school. He would then use the money to buy a house. He is known for his ambivert personality. Ambiverts are very social and upbeat like extroverts. However, they also are known to be quiet and to keep to themselves. 

Some final things to know about Jastej are that he is a Virgo, and Virgos are  known to be hardworking, creative and patient. His favorite type of clothing is street-wear and one  thing he does not like is when people pretend to believe a lie. Overall, Jastej is a  determined person with a lot of potential to grow as he looks toward the bright future ahead of him. 

by: Wynona Patterson 


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