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Salina Petros, Staff Writer

As teenagers, we often find ourselves slowly pulling away from our families. The more we grow, the more we start to feel independent. We gradually lose our value for family. Uniquely, senior Salina Petros values family, setting a great example for many her age.

If you spend any time with Salina, it is easy to tell that family means a lot to her. This is especially clear in that when asked where she would want to be when she dies (if she could choose), Salina says she would want to be with her whole family! 

This love of family extends to the places she wants to be and the places she finds important. While she admits that she is closer to her mom because her dad works a lot, she adds, “but I love them both!” 

Salina, who is from Eritrea, says that her favorite thing about Eritrea is the people. “Everyone is so nice, friendly, supportive, and welcoming,” she says. When asked what languages she wished she could speak fluently, she said Tigrinya (the main language in Eritrea), which she speaks a little, and Italian.

Salina’s favorite holiday is Easter because she loves how her culture celebrates it. “We go to church and break our fast, then feast together on a big platter,” she says with a grin. Continuing her strong commitment to family, Salina states that she thinks family is important because they are always there for you, which may tie in to why she certainly wants kids in the future!

It is clear to see that family holds great value to Salina. As well-known actor Michael J. Fox once said, “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” Undoubtedly, Salina would agree.

by: Yeabsira Getachew

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Salina Petros