Mainstream 2022: Meet the Staff


Jordane Branch, Editor-in-Chief

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates
Moving into a new school year means meeting new people, learning new things, and developing new interests. For the staff members of Mainstream, a new year means all of this and more. For the 18 students who make up this year’s staff, “building the new” means picking up the mantle that the Class of 2022 left behind and making the newspaper their own.

This year’s staff is a mixed-grade level group led by seniors Fanta Dabo, Jordane Branch, Naomi Kyei-Asare, and junior Yeabsira Getachew who will serve as this year’s co-Editors-in-Chief for Mainstream. They are joined on the editing staff by senior Andrea Gill.

Mainstream’s editors, who are all second-year Advanced Journalism students, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that will shape our 2022-23 newspaper coverage.

Joining Fanta, Jordane, Naomi, Yeabsira, and Adrea on staff are seniors Harry Lin and Sania Ross, juniors Kalel Betron, Sumer Elsalawi, and Andrew Reyes, sophomores Abigail Alem, Xavier Chang, Bethel Gedihun, Jackson Kelly, and Gabriela Romero, and freshmen Ryan Bobb and Luise-Emerson Terrel. This year’s staff is eager to produce engaging and powerful writing for our readers.

Be sure to check for future pieces from all of our great writers!