The McRib: One Last Time (?)


Jackson Kelly, Staff Writer

Ah, the McRib. Everyone’s least favorite, favorite item at McDonald’s. A sandwich made with a pork patty, barbecue sauce, pickles, and onions, and placed on a bun. It’s back at McDonald’s after 2020 and 2021’s promotions, but McDonald’s is saying that it may be the last time you’ll ever get it, since they’re removing it from the menu (again) on November 20th.

An official statement from McDonald’s titled “The McRib Farewell Tour,” on their website states, “Like any true farewell tour, we’re hoping this isn’t a ‘goodbye’ but a ‘see you later.’ Because as our McRib stans have experienced time and time again: you never know when – or if – the McRib is coming back.”

Initially introduced in 1981 in the United States, the McRib had mediocre sales which led to it being gradually removed from certain stores’ menus until it was fully discontinued four years after its introduction.

During the 1990s, the McRib went on again, off again on McDonald’s menus until it was reintroduced fully in 1994 as a tie-in with The Flintstones movie releasing around the same time.

After that promotion, It went on again, off again (again) until 2005, when McDonald’s announced the “McRib Farewell Tour,” which was supposedly the last time the McRib was going to be on the menu. They did that three more times, with many little promotions in between, before October 31, 2022, when the fourth “McRib Farewell Tour” appeared.

As with the “tours” in 2020 and 2021, Twitter is getting hyped, but skeptical with the McRib. Twitter user Warren Kluck says, “McDonald’s says the latest McRib comeback is its farewell tour. Sure. It’s like the KISS of high cholesterol.”

Another user by the name of TCD, feeling skeptical of McDonald’s marketing tactics, says, “It (sic)’s ok my aunt was just telling me about seeing the Rolling Stones farewell tour in 1981. McRib isn’t going anywhere,”

We may not know for sure if McDonald’s is not joking about 2022’s McRib “farewell tour,” but we know that it’s everyone’s least favorite, favorite item on the menu.