Dia de los Muertos at PB


K. Magid

The ofrenda at PB during Dia de los Muertos.

Sania Ross, Staff Writer

On November 1st, PB students and staff gathered at lunch to celebrate the Day of the Dead – better known as Dia de Los Muertos, a celebration of the lives of dead relatives and close friends. 

For the PB celebration, students and staff gathered around a table that was set up like an altar in the middle of the main hallway to pay their respects to their deceased relatives. The altar, or ofrenda, is the center of the celebration of the Day of the Dead and is a space filled with interesting artifacts and brightly colored decorations. Dr. Mirshah passed out candy and tasty treats to people who attended the event while Latin music played in the background. Throughout the event, people talked about the celebration of Dia de Los Muertos and shared thoughts and stories about their ancestors.  

For senior Jada Soto, the person she celebrated on Dia de Los Muertos was “my grandfather.” 

Preston Ramirez, a sophomore,  enjoyed the celebration and notes that he likes it because “The Day of the Dead is a holiday where you can celebrate your deceased relatives.”

Senior Matthew Torres celebrates Dia de Los Muertos “to remember my aunt that passed away during the pandemic.”

Fellow senior Imani Williams said “if I could celebrate the Day of the Dead I would celebrate people that died in history like Martin Luther King, Jr., George Washington, and Harriet Tubman. Because they deserve more recognition for what they did in the past.”

This year’s Dia de Los Muertos celebration was a special day that brought great joy to those who attended and had a chance to remember their loved ones. If you missed this year’s event – and will be around next year – make sure to attend the event next year because it is a lot of fun and you get to experience different cultures during it.