Meet One of the Phenomenal Paraeducators at PB


Photo courtesy of Ms. Ross

Ms. Denise Ross has been a paraeducator at PB for eight years.

Sania Ross, Staff Writer

Born in the 1950s in Darlington, South Carolina, Paint Branch paraeducator Ms. Denise Ross is the youngest of five children.  Now in her eighth year at PB, Ms. Ross credits her love for education to her family ties,  especially her aunt and sisters.  Ms. Ross’ teaching career began at Banneker Middle School, and then at Stonegate Elementary School, before landing at PB.  According to Ms. Ross, her  favorite part about being a paraeducator is, “working with the students.” 

Of course, with all things where there is a favorite, there must be a least favorite part, right? Not for Ms. Ross who says, “ I don’t have a least favorite part  when it comes to being a paraeducator.” While Ms. Ross enjoys working at PB, retirement is on her mind at least a  little. As for what she plans to do after she retires from Paint Branch she says, “travel the world.”   

One thing on Ms. Ross’s bucket list that she wants to achieve is  “Getting her master’s degree or her doctorate.” This is surprising to most people because of her love of working in education.  One thing Ms. Ross says most people don’t know about her is that she has a grown son. When asked about her life motto, she says she has two: “Be  yourself” and “You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.” 

Ms. Ross has a heart of gold and is the epitome of a hard-working woman who loves her job. She loves what she does and the people she works with. Whatever she does, she does it well; that’s who Ms. Denise Ross is.