Day in the Life

Deon Key, Staff Writer

This day in the life presents a normal weekday for me. What you will see is what I do in the off-season to train and prepare for football. I’ll be honest with you – what I do and what others do are not entirely the same as I feel like I put in some extra time to try to get to the next level. Of course, you don’t need to be an athlete to train – many non-athletes may do similar things like this – but for me it is all about next season.

My morning routine is the most interesting and important to me because I do pushups, affirmations, and read from a book that helps me with the mental side of training.   I feel like mornings are very important to get in a great mental head space and you’ll see that here. Once the morning is over, school starts so you’ll see me work through that, and then it is on to training, which is a big focus for me.