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PB Art Students Venture to Baltimore

Art Students Enjoy Field Trip to the Baltimore Museum of Art
Tapestry Featured in Baltimore Museum of Art

On Wednesday, November 30, PB art students went on a field trip to the Baltimore Museum of Art. The trip, organized by the PB Art Department, had students explore different types of art and gain insight as to how art is made and even what art is.

On Wednesday, about fifty students boarded an MCPS bus at 9:30 and took the 45-minute ride to the museum, which sits on the Johns Hopkins University campus. Once they arrived, students descended from the bus and entered the museum. After getting the run-down students grouped up with their friends and explored the museum.

An exhibit that stood out featured Elizabeth Talford Scott, an American folk artist. The exhibit showcased her quilting abilities, which she began at the age of eight; and that became her preferred medium for expressing her art. 

Elizabeth Talford Scott Art Piece

The European Art exhibit was also something that stood out to visitors, as its prominent display caught the eye of people as soon as they ascended the second floor stairwell. This exhibit revealed itself, as the dimly lit space contrasted well with the lighting used on the pieces. 

Several students liked the Cultural Art exhibits, including tenth-grader George Holmes, who said, “My favorite exhibit was the Asian [art] exhibit.” 

Another student, fellow tenth-grader Fatou Diouf, said about her favorite exhibit “Obviously, it was the African one because it has my country in it.”

After visiting the museum for about two hours, students headed to lunch at the R-House and enjoyed free time for about an hour. The R-House had a variety of restaurants and was good because it was not just the usual fast-food places. New spots like BRD, Amano Taco, Be.Bim, caught students’ attention.

After lunch, Ms. Aumaitre and Mr. Warner got students back on the bus to head back to PB. Following the trip, PB art teacher Ms. Aumaitre reflected on what she wanted students to get out of the trip. “Well, I think the most important thing about art trips is that we expose students to museums,” she said. “I’d like them to experience art in a museum setting, to talk about the art pieces with their fellow classmates, and just to see pieces they’ve never seen before.”


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