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Why People Should Have Pets

Naher Ghebru
My family has had our dog, Rocky, since 2021 and he’s been great to have.

What do you do if you feel lonely or depressed? Well, if you had a pet, you’d have an easy answer for how to address these feelings. 

Fighting depression or loneliness is just one part of why having a pet is good. People should also have pets because they can bring you joy, make sure you don’t feel lonely, and they can improve your health. According to “How to Stay Healthy Around Pets and Other Animals” from the Centers for Disease Prevention (CDC) playing with pets can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels. 

One of the most common pets is a dog, and having a dog is a great thing as a dog  can relieve stress. An added benefit of a dog is that a dog  can make you feel less lonely; a dog  is like having company around you when you need it. According to Kaitlyn Arford of the American Kennel Club, “Scientists at Washington State University discovered that petting a dog for just 10 minutes can have a significant impact. Study participants had a significant reduction in cortisol, a major stress hormone.” As you can see, having a dog does more than just give you a companion, it can improve your health. 

A few other reasons that you should get a pet, according to the article “10 Reasons Every Person Should Have a Pet”, include “Spending time with your pet releases oxytocin in your brain. Oxytocin, is the chemical that is responsible for us feeling happy and relaxed, and is fondly known as the “love hormone.” 

This same source also notes that “Growing up with a pet in the house not only gives children a playmate but also ensures that they get to learn a lot. Children that grow up with pets not only learn more responsibility through taking care of their pets, but also learn to share, learn how to cope with not being the center of attention, and learn how to empathize  with living beings.”

Another aspect of having a pet that stands out is that a pet can be a great way for someone who has trouble starting conversations with others to have something to talk about. . A pet like a dog can help you start a conversation. Many people love dogs and will often stop and ask about your dog or if they can say hi to or pet them.  A dog can help its owner open up to others and have a chance to talk to people they might not normally talk to or have the courage to start a conversation with. 

While a pet may not be for everyone because some people can’t afford pets, but if you can you should definitely get one because they can make you feel happy and stress free.

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About the Contributor
Naher Ghebru, Staff Writer
For most people in high school, the end goal that they want the most: graduation. Paint Branch High School sophomore Naher Ghebru is no exception to this as he says of being in school, “High school is a stress; I just want to get out of here.” One thing that can help alleviate these feelings for Naher is going to his favorite restaurant, Chick-fil-A, where he always gets a chicken sandwich and fries. He likes these, he says, because “ it’s just simple; easy.” As for his least favorite food, that would be a veggie sandwich, something his mom tries to give him often. He says he despises veggie sandwiches and will never eat one.  Naher’s favorite brand is Nike, however the coolest thing he owns are his New Balance shoes. As for why Nike is his favorite, he notes “It has everything you need.”  Naher is passionate about the game of soccer. His love for the game is unbreakable and he mentions that he wants to play for Paint Branch next year. Even though he is not playing for PB this year, he plays for ERI-STARS, and after a long game he enjoys water because that is his favorite thing to drink. When it comes to sweets most teenagers love candy, but Naher isn't like most. He doesn't really like candy for the most part, but if you offered him a piece of milk chocolate he would eat it--though he wouldn’t attack it the way he does a Chick-FIl-A chicken sandwich. While The New England Patriots hold a special place in Naher’s heart, he is equally passionate about basketball. His love for the Golden State Warriors was ignited by the team's amazing style of play, characterized by their fast-paced offense and extraordinary three-point shooting. By: Raheim Briddell

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