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Hall Sweeps

Are they effective to handle tardiness and hall hangouts?

“Hall sweeps” are surprise checks of the hallways during class time to identify and address students who are tardy or loitering in the halls instead of attending class. But are these “hall sweeps” truly effective?

We all have classes we would rather not be in during the school day. We may sit there counting down the minutes until we can leave, but we do it — we sit there. For me, sitting in a class  I don’t want to be in and having students showing up late or glancing out of the door, and seeing students loitering in the halls as if they don’t have class themselves, frustrates me. I get that it can be hard to get to class on time every day or that some  don’t want to be in class, but it’s disrespectful towards the teachers to not attend class. This is especially frustrating when these same students later beg teachers about their grade. I mean, would you show up late to a friend’s invite?

The surprise hall sweeps that occur at PB do target  the problem of tardiness and result in students hurrying  to classes. However, they only fix tardiness on the day the hall sweeps occur as students rush to all of that day’s classes to avoid getting caught up in one. 

But what about loitering? Hall sweeps do provide a short-term fix for tardiness, but are meaningless when it comes to loitering, because students who loiter are not interested in being in class at all. Tardy people go to class even if they are sometimes very late, but loiterers are full-on dedicated to not going to class. So this really presents a whole different problem that a hall sweep cannot fix.

In terms of addressing either of these issues, hall sweeps are a negative because they are a short term solution, create  a tense school environment fostering  an atmosphere of mistrust between students and teachers, and imply that students do not  have valid reasons for being  late. 

To develop better solutions, schools should  involve the students in the process of how to deal with tardiness and loitering. If the students are late and they are the problem, then find the root cause of tardiness and loitering, and  involve students in discussions about school policies and explore collaborative solutions. This would give students the chance to solve problems that affect them and others. 

Though school and education is important, at the end of the day, we need to aim for strategies that create a positive and supportive environment, while addressing the causes of attendance issues. 

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About the Contributor
Bianca Barkmeyer, Staff Writer
For many people, winter is their favorite season. Hanging out in the cold weather and playing with snow is something that brings a smile to their faces. Bianca Barkmeyer, a senior at Paint Branch High School feels quite the opposite. Her favorite season is summer, a time of year that involves spending time at the beach and enjoying warm, sunny days. While winter might be nice for some, for Bianca the joy of the season can’t mask the potential frostbite, the desperation to feel warm, and shorter days.  As for why Bianca doesn’t feel a connection with the cold it is because she’s more of a heat person. “I love the heat, I’m definitely a beach girl!” Bianca exclaims. Her love for the beach actually led her to one of her previous jobs working as a lifeguard at an outdoor pool at Atsugi Naval Air Facility. Along with going to the beach and the pool, she loves hanging out with her friends and plans to hang out with them more often before she leaves for college next summer.  Bianca enjoys staying home with her dog and binge-watching anime in her free time. She likes to binge-watch any show she finds intriguing, mostly anime like Jujustu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, Fairytale, One Punch Man, and so on.  Bianca, who is also a part of the swim team for PB,  likes being on her laptop browsing through the internet and going online shopping. Her favorite clothing store is Hollister, which she says has “a lot of cute clothing that are really affordable.” She can be defined as an introvert but admits that she is more open around people she knows. Bianca also loves traveling and hanging out with her friends in her free time. In terms of traveling, she states that she’s been traveling since she was really young but hates being in a plane. When traveling, she loves to find new foods she can try. Speaking of food, her favorite thing to eat is food cooked by her grandmother. Bianca states, “I will never say no to eating her food.”  At school, her favorite subject is science, which connects with her goal of becoming a chemical engineer. In fact, right now she’s looking deeper into engineering. She is applying to colleges in both the U.S.  and Japan. There aren’t any specific colleges that she is focused on right now but she wants to go to a college that isn’t too expensive and doesn’t put her in debt. “I hate those student loans that’ll take years to pay off,” Bianca notes.   From staying home and binge-watching anime with her dog to going to the beach and spending time with her friends, Bianca always finds a way to enjoy herself. One thing Bianca likes about herself the most is her eyes, and notes that she loves the hazel color and how they shine in the sun.   By: Betel Mekonnen

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