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What to Watch: TV Shows

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore form Gilmore Girls

Choosing what to watch can be overwhelming with so many streaming platforms and show options. However, whether you like old or new series, there is something for everyone if you just know where to look. But what are the best series and how does one find them? For those needing help, here’s a list of shows some PB students and teachers love and recommend.

Gilmore Girls (2000-2007) TV-PG
Though this comedy-drama was first released over two decades ago, it still has a large fanbase, including many of its original fans who enjoy rewatching the series. Over seven seasons, it follows the lives of Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory as they navigate love, work, and family. Many consider it their comfort show, including PB freshman Nardos, who says, “It’s funny, relatable, and heartwarming. It’s a really simple show to watch. Like, there aren’t tons of crazy plot twists…it just captures their lives.”

Fire Country (2022-Present) TV-14
To redeem himself and shorten his prison sentence, Bode Donanvan joins a firefighting program in Northern California. He works alongside other inmates and elite firefighters to extinguish large, unpredictable wildfires. The stakes are higher when Bode is later assigned to his hometown, where he was once a promising, bright young man before his life took a turn for the worse. PB teacher, Mr. Schrumm sums up what works for this show saying, “The lead actor has been in some other series and shows I enjoy. In addition, it’s a good story about a guy getting a second chance after he messed up.”

Empire (2015-2020) TV-14
For lovers of music and drama, Empire captures the two very well. The show centers on the lives of Lucious Lyon, who is dying of cancer and looking for an heir to his production company, his ex-wife Loretha Lyon, who recently got out of prison, and their three sons. All of them battle for the rights to Empire Entertainment. The dramatic twists and turns are sure to capture anyone’s attention. When PB senior Kevin was asked why he liked the show, he said it was because he could relate to its musical aspect. “It’s all about music, it’s a family of music and my family’s full of musicians. My little brother plays instruments, I play instruments, my mom sings and my dad plays instruments.”

Baddies (2021-present) TV-MA
This dramatic reality TV series consists of four seasons in different parts of the country. Each of the seasons, Baddies ATL, Baddies South, Baddies West, and Baddies East have additional castings and reunions available to watch. Additionally, every season features the infamous producer, Natalie Nunn, and a variety of new hosts per season. PB ninth grader, Merob, looks at the positive aspects of the reality show, saying, “I like it because it teaches me to stand up for myself and the importance of real friendship.” Another PB ninth grader, Egla states, “It just gets me up and hyped. It’s just the perfect show,” adding, “it makes me want to fight somebody”.

Suits (2011-2019) TV-MA
When college dropout Mike Ross impresses top lawyer Harvey Specter with his brilliant memory, he gets hired to work with him despite his background. This drama is about many things, most importantly the challenge Ross Mike faces in keeping this secret, his background from those he works with. It also deals with his sacrifices to pursue a career that makes him happy. For those who have already watched this series, a spinoff called Suits: LA is in the works. PB ninth grader Makayla enjoys this show a lot, stating that “I mess with Harvey the most for sure, he’s my twin! Like, he’s just always standing on business.”

All-American (2018-Present) TV-14
Spencer James, born and raised in a crime-filled neighborhood called Crenshaw, dreams of playing in the NFL. When he gets recruited to play football for Beverly Hills High, he moves in with the football coach and has to balance his life with family and friends at Crenshaw and his new life at Beverly Hills. When PB sophomore Arki, was asked why she liked the show, she said it was because she related to it stating, “It’s basically about him trying to survive as a black citizen”.

Switched at Birth (2011-2017) TV-14

This is a series about two girls who discovered that they were switched at birth and grew up in very different environments. Bay Kennish grew up in a wealthy family while Daphne Vasquez, who is deaf, was raised by a single mother in a much lower-class neighborhood. When Bay discovers that she isn’t related to her parents through DNA tests, her family meets with Daphne and her mom by contacting them through the hospital where the girls were born. Because of their financial difficulties, Daphne and her mom move into the Kennish’s guest house leading to the girls’ bonding. Together, they grapple with their identity challenges as their lives are turned upside down. PB sophomore, Kaylly, adds “I like the plot and it teaches you sign language,” since Daphne is deaf.

The Office (2005-2013) TV-14

This sitcom captures the lives of office workers at Dunder Mifflin, a paper supply company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The employees’ clashes with the branch manager Michael Scott – and each other – create an entertaining and hilarious docuseries. PB junior Omar enjoys the sitcom and keeps it simple by noting that he finds it “funny.” What else could one want in a comedy series?  


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About the Contributor
Efratha Tewodros, Staff Writer
When asked to describe what it is like to attend Paint Branch, ninth-grader Efratha Tewodros states “big and crowded.” She adds that it is also busy and everyone rushes. As a student who is fresh out of middle school, she immediately saw the busy and hectic nature of Paint Branch. Efratha came to PB from White Oak Middle School and enjoys hiking, which she calls her favorite outdoor activity. Additionally, she calls spring her favorite season because “it's not too hot or too cold.” Efratha enjoys watching TV and movies. In fact, her favorite movie is Coraline, which she says she enjoys because it is moderately scary. As for what she means by moderately scary, she says ¨it's scary but not too scary.” A favorite show of hers is Never Have I Ever because ¨it's relatable and it's based on high school.¨ One book she has read that she remembers well is a touching book called Wonder, which stood out to her because ¨it shows a whole new point of view.¨

She enrolled in Journalism because she was interested in this course and felt that there would be more freedom in her writing. As for when she grows up, Efratha wants to be a doctor because she ¨likes to help people."

By: Damion Tatum

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