Paint Branch Class of 2020 in the House

PB welcomes new students with pomp, poms, and circumstance


A picnic followed the 9th Grade Orientation event at PB.

Mainstream Staff, Staff

The Class of 2020 entered Paint Branch as a group for the first time on Thursday, August 25th. During the new students’ first “school day” at PB, they attended a welcome ceremony where administrators and other key people spoke to them about what being a PB Panther means, and other groups – including the poms and band – performed for them. The annual event serves as not only an introduction to high school for these young people, but provides them an opportunity to walk the halls – and follow their schedules – without the distraction of sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the halls.

Following the orientation event, students were encouraged to bring their families back for a barbecue that took place in front of the school. For those who did attend, hot dogs, chips, and water were provided. Students and their families also had the opportunity to meet staff members they did not see during the day, learn about the various clubs at PB, and even purchase some Spirit Wear. Overall, the event was a great opportunity for members of the Class of 2020 to  see what high school is all about.