School Uniforms

Taking the Individuality Out of Schools for Over a Century

Lily Bazis, Staff Writer

Restrictive, uncomfortable, and ugly school uniforms may have plagued you either your entire life or not at all throughout your educational career. While those who have worn uniforms know that not all of the uniforms are so bad, the aspect of forcing students into cohesive outfits every single day is quite troubling.

Schools all over the country have students follow a certain uniform code, ranging from polos and khakis to skirts and plaid cardigans.

Some of the students see no problem with this. They may have grown up wearing a school uniform and don’t mind the style or look.

Others, however, most likely feel as if a piece of their personality is being taken away from them.
Uniforms censure almost all individuality for students, and their freedom of expression is very limited. Many school dress codes are very strict and limited with many of them banning jewelry, hair dye, and even nail polish.

Many schools argue that a uniform means students won’t have to worry about economic barriers and bullying and therefore will be able to concentrate more on their schoolwork.
While this may be true in some cases, it is important for kids to be able to express themselves through their clothing, learning more and more about themselves every day. They can use other methods to fight bullying, and dress codes alone cannot fix emotional stress caused by bullying.
Schools can be constructive and accomplished without the uniforms, something other schools should consider.