Parents should make all decisions for their kids: Pro

Prableen Katkar, Staff Writer

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Are you someone who loves to hang with your friends and go to parties, but you can’t because your parents don’t allow you to do so? Well, if this sounds like you, then you know what it is like to live with your  parents making decisions for you.

When parents make decisions for their children, they will never tell them to do wrong. No parent ever wants their child to go in the wrong direction and be hurt later, which is why they show so much caution. Parents are their children’s caretakers; they have all the right to make decisions for their children and their children, should also always obey them.

Children – especially teens in high school- often feel as if they have no freedom whatsoever. Children who feel like they have no freedom can  make bad decisions in their lives when their parents allow them to do so. This is why children need their parents to make decisions for them.

Jim Taylor, a professor of psychology states,”The fact is it’s part of your children’s ’job’ to do stupid things. Bad decision making is an essential part of their road to maturity. A problem arises, however, if their poor decision making continues. This usually occurs when parents don’t hold them responsible for their poor decisions, instead, bailing their children out of the trouble their children get into. These children learn that they aren’t responsible for their decisions and can continue to do stupid things without fear of consequences.”

Taylor’s point here is to show that, without parents making decisions for their child, the child will most likely make the wrong decisions. Sure, a parent should let their child make decisions for themselves, but only when it is the right time  Decision making is an important skill and allowing young people to make their own decisions is part of the maturity process. However, bad decisions affect this maturity, so parents must be diligent in what and when they allow kids to make their own decisions. Good decision making skills means having a  healthier lifestyle and living in a world where  you  are responsible enough to make your own decisions the proper way.

Parents should make decisions for their children because children should have boundaries set for them, and be guided in the right direction by their parents. A child develops into what his or her parents have taught them, and they continue to grow based on how their parents have taught them and the  decisions they have made for them. Frankly speaking: should parents make decisions for their child states, “ Those kids have become so dependent on their parents that they need them always to do everything for them.This does not mean that parents should let their kids do anything they want. Teens should have boundaries, and be guided by their parents. However, having a bit of ‘wiggle room’ will go a long way later when it matters.” This quote emphasizes that children usually follow the same path as their parents and need them to guide them because they know that, without their parents making decisions for them, they might do something wrong.

On the other hand, it is important for kids to learn to make decisions, which means that parents should let their children make decisions for themselves, but only when they are ready and only for things that are not too important. Frankly speaking: should parents allow their child to make decisions states,” Parents should allow their children to make decisions on their own so they learn how to make them. If parents never let their children make their own decisions, then the children will never be able to make decisions later in life due to lack of practise. If they do not develop skills in decision making while young children will greatly suffer.”  As a teen, parents should let their children make decisions for themselves to see what the world is like in their own hands, and for them to experience what is really out there in the world by letting them make their own decisions.

Ultimately, when parents make  decisions for their children it helps  the child grow in  a healthy lifestyle, go on the right path, and not make wrong decisions in life which would lead to bad consequences for the child. Parents making decisions for their children will only set their child in a better direction and the child will slowly and more naturally develop into the person whom their parent has taught them to be in terms of what is right and what is wrong. If parents give their children too much freedom they may take advantage of that freedom in a bad way, which is not good. In that case, anyone’s parent will always teach their child the right thing and that is why parents should make decisions for their children.

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One Response to “Parents should make all decisions for their kids: Pro”

  1. Renato on January 10th, 2018 7:39 PM

    To make all decisions for your children is a bad idea, they will grow without autonomy and they will not be able to give one single step without being told so. Besides, you can’t know what is right for your son, let’s say he is a the best dancer ever, but on your belief dacing is waste of time. You think he should do engineering… but he is the worst in physics. You make him do engineering, then he grows up unhappy and unsuccessful. Leave that decide everything aside, you must support your kid, let him know he ought to make his own choice, if he falls you will be there to help… but sometimes you must let him fall, so he will learn how to get up….. just let him everythink will be all right..

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Parents should make all decisions for their kids: Pro