What Family Should Mean to Us

Eleni Kidane, Staff Writer

What does family mean to us? Can anyone live without family? Can anyone feel comfort when he/she is far away from family?

The answer is, of course, no. This is why people who have lost family members don’t feel  comfort or fullness in life, even if they are the richest people. Of course, having a family you love and who supports you is important but sometimes people do not want to live with their families because they don’t know what family love is; they just know what family is because they have not had a strong, loving family.

Family means living; family means having  fun; family means being free from being alone. Family means that the days that we spend with our families are significance to us. Having a strong family means that, even If you fight with your family, you just forget it after a few minutes because of family love. But if you fight with somebody else, you may not make peace for the rest of your life. That’s the main thing that makes you love and live with your family. Family are the people who accept you no matter what you are, who you are, or whatever your damage may be. They love you no matter what you inflict on them or somebody else. Family means no  hatred or judgement.

Family love is unconditional. it‘s not like friend love, it is unconditional. Having family means feeling secure or to having someone you can count on, someone who shares your problems. Also, it means to have respect for each other and responsibility for one another.  Family comes before everything, even education, because education starts from family. For example, families teach you to respect each other, to help someone, to be sympathetic, to satisfy others to, help sad people, to be a nice mentor for others, and to be  honest. These are the parts of the education that everybody learns from their family.

Family are a crown upon our heads. Sometimes if you say something that you do not mean in front of your family, you can make it right because family love is unconditional. But if you say that thing in front of others you may not make it right because we – mankind – have many behaviors that push people away. That’s what family should mean to everyone.