PB Perspectives: Practice Makes Perfect

Fall Production, “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” Taking Shape

Angel Benjamin, J1 Staff Writer

  “Lights, camera, action!” And don’t forget the painters, engineers, set designers, makeup artists, and many more hard-working theater people who help the show go on.

 September 27th marked the second week of rehearsal and progress for the Fall production of Paint Branch Perspectives. The group met on this day inside room 1113, behind the auditorium, to continue work on their production of Robert Fulghum’s “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.”

The meeting began with Director Ms. Amber Perkins announcing the agenda for the rehearsal before the group disassembled into two crowds. Most of the members went onto the stage to work on the main props of the play, while the others stayed in the classroom.

In the auditorium, the group on stage was comprised of a few actors and actresses, builders, light and sound engineers, painters, and makeup artists. They all awaited directions from Mrs. Ryan, the Director of Tech; soon the stage was filled with the sounds of power tools ranging from saws to drills.

As it is still fairly early in the production process, not everyone has a specific role in the design and building of the set. So the whole group is multi-purposeful – with painters building props, and makeup artists sawing wood. This multi-purpose work is part of what Perspectives is all about, as members construct and build everything themselves with Mrs. Ryan designing the props.

Back in room 1113, Director Perkins was working with a few actresses and actors who were rehearsing a particular scene. As they practiced their movements and their lines, she gave them directions on how to portray their roles, and ideas about allowing their characters to be more vocally in-depth.  

The director herself decides which scenes are going to be reviewed during that rehearsal. Those involved in the scene are called into room 1113 to rehearse before going back to the auditorium to help the tech group. Once again, no one has just one job – they have multiple.

This atmosphere is precisely what led senior Jasmine Hubbard to audition for a role in the play for the first time in her high school career.  “I was interested in being a part of Perspectives and the family aspect of the play,” stated Hubbard, who is excited to continue.

Miss Perkins, who is directing her twenty-seventh show at Paint Branch, feels good about where the show is headed. She noted, “I think it’s good. The kids are really into it. It’s good stuff.”

With six weeks before opening night, Perspectives makes sure that everyone has a role, and this meeting was just another step closer in perfecting opening night.