25 Struggles of Being A Teenager

Beverly Yirenkyi, J1 Staff Writer

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Let’s just be honest – being a teenager is rough. Puberty is a disaster and relationships can be terrible and heart-wrenching. And the cherry on top is high school. In high school one finds him/herself taking classes that just don’t work for them. These classes feel like a waste and you wonder how they have anything at all to do with what you’ll study in college or how they relate to your future career.

So as a teenager, what can you do? Not much. But there is always the chance to vent. So, with that in mind, here is a list of grievances just to get it out there:

  1. Cafeteria food
  2. People who walk slowly
  3. Tall people who walk slowly; like you have long legs, what are you doing?!
  4. When you wake up before your alarm
  5. No exam week schedule
  6. Math
  7. Relationships
  8. “The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do.”  
  9. Stress-induced headaches
  10. Stress acne
  11. When you fail a test that you study for.
  12. When you get the same answer more than twice in a row on tests/quizzes
  13. Getting into college
  14. “No I will not bump you up.” – every teacher ever
  15. Being an athlete
  16. When you left your calculator at home, on test day
  17. You:“Can I go to the bathroom.”  Teacher: “ I don’t know, can you?”
  18. Never getting enough sleep
  19. Never having food when you need it
  20. When your music stops working
  21. When your earphones break in public and you can no longer tune out the world
  22. When teachers put grades in last minute
  23. When there’s are hall sweep and you are on the first floor and your class is on the other side of the school, on the third floor
  24. Teachers who give homework over break
  25. When teachers call on you for an answer and there are people who actually raised their hand!

This list is nowhere near complete, but does provide some insight into a number of our struggles. Of course, with all that being said, we must still remember that our teen years are usually the weirdest, wildest, and most awkward times of our lives – so cherish them!

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25 Struggles of Being A Teenager