Chief Osborne A Closer Look at the Man Behind the Uniform

Joshlyn Guzman, Staff Writer

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Julian Osborne, simply known as “Chief” to NJROTC students, is someone whom many see at Paint Branch, but not someone with whom many students interact unless they are in the program.
Chief Osbourne was born in 1953 in Panama. At the time of Chief’s upbringing, life was hard. Panama’s economy was poor, and the country was undeveloped. Chief was forced to travel many miles by foot and tend to coffee fields, along with continuing his education. “I was very proud of the community. “We celebrated parades and made the best of situations”

As a young man, Chief Osborne immigrated to the United States with help from an aunt who lived in the US already. The new setting brought new opportunities for Chief, such as stronger education and a healthier environment in which to grow up. Chief was excited to get into a new setting, made new friends fast, and took full advantage the new education.

Chief took advantage of his new opportunities. The new environment also brought new friendships for Chief. Among these newfound friendships was a young man who was enrolled in the Navy, something that intrigued Chief. The travels and adventures captured Chief’s attention.

Following this new interest, Chief enrolled in the Navy and was sent to Norway, Scotland, England, Nova Scotia, and Canada. In the military, one’s placement can mean a lot and bring new experiences and relationships. For Chief, this was never truer than when he was stationed in Wheaton, Maryland. It was here, working at a recruitment office, that Chief met Juliet, whom he married in 1990. Chief and his wife had three sons. The new family brought chief closer to God as they went to church frequently and did many activities with their sons.

Although Chief had many experiences throughout his life, loss has also crept into his life. Chief has lost several close family members, including one of his beloved sons, Cedric Osbourne, in 1998. However, these tragedies, though difficult and painful, allowed Chief to grow and to value life even more than he already did. “Things are a little difficult sometimes, but it is important to love what you do”
In 2006, Chief retired from active duty, and became a teacher in 2009 getting certified through the Navy. “Teachers change the world” is a statement Chief always takes into consideration. In fact, he has it printed out and put it on display in his office. At Paint Branch, Chief is not only an NJROTC teacher, but also teaches life lessons and values, such as discipline, good citizenship, and leadership. He directly encourages cadets to excel in academics by giving awards to his cadets.

The relationship Chief has with his students not only benefits them, but him as well. He says that being with students is a positive experience that makes him look forward to work.

Chief enjoys teaching, but spends his free time involved in sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and he used to also be involved in wrestling. As for relaxation, although Chief has been to many places, he still enjoys going on cruises to see more of the world and relax. As for the most important part of his life, Chief says that he values his family, God, and teaching more than anything else as he pushes, every day, toward positivity.

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Chief Osborne A Closer Look at the Man Behind the Uniform