Love Him or Hate Him – You Can’t Deny Kanye’s Influence

Karen Veliz Santos, J1 Staff Writer

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Kanye Omari West, an American rapper, singer, and songwriter, is amazing. His greatness and style are what make this person one amazing individual.  

While Kanye is a person who incites many different opinions from people, there can be no argument against his importance. In addition to his musical talents, Kanye is well known for his sense of fashion. The forty – year – old from Chicago has his own brand called Yeezy Season.  

Kanye’s first fashion line and runaway performance was in Spring 2012. It was called the Ready-to-Wear Collection. According to a Vogue article by Tim Blanks, West was approached by few hundred professional industries who were invited to see his work and the two designers who stuck out the most were Azzedine Alaïa and Dean and Dan Caten.

People clown Kanye West for his designs because they seem to be “unusual.” In this first fashion show in 2012, his clothing tended to have a lot of holes in them to show what he called “fashion,” but people thought it was ridiculous that clothing with holes can be so expensive. He was criticized and people said that  making things look bad was the only thing he can do. As for cost, Kanye’s first clothing line – in 2012 – had items available for the very high cost of $600 for boots and $250 for a jacket. Because of the complaint about his clothing being so expensive, he decreased the numbers by a couple hundred dollars. His clothing today is more in the $100-$300 range to keep it more acceptable to consumers.

West wanted to prove the critics wrong by making Yeezy Season 5. The showing of the new line took place in New York’s famous fashion week at the 59th of Pierre in 2017. He created a giant electrical box where the models were in and you could see the outfits first. At the end of the show, they walked around showing the clothing. This time he made his work “contemporary” using nude colors.

Kanye is now making a new fashion line and showed a couple of teasers. He is calling it Yeezy Season 6 2018, but has not yet released the full set of the outfits. His wife Kimberly Kardashian West said his fashion show release date is coming soon.

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Love Him or Hate Him – You Can’t Deny Kanye’s Influence