School = Broccoli: We Don’t Always Like What is Good for Us

Giulia Pires, Staff Writer

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You don’t like broccoli, but you know it’s good for you. School is the same way.

It seems like these days students are hoping for snow days, delays, and days off more than ever. Why? Because students are sick and tired of the competitive element that drives education.

Nowadays, if a student doesn’t get a high A on an assignment they shoot themselves down and feel worthless. And those who are supposed to help and guide these kids, teachers, exhibit actions that are inconsiderate. For example, a teacher might shame a student who did not complete a homework assignment when in reality the teacher has no idea what is going on in that student’s life. In today’s world, it feels that if you’re not Harvard material, then you’re not college material, and if you’re not college material, then you’re not worth it.

As much as kids hate or are overwhelmed by school, they know that they need an education to succeed in life. Students come to school every day in the hope of receiving high grades which will help them succeed in their dreams and aspirations.

We don’t like school, but we know that in order to have the future we imagine and become well-rounded and intelligent people, we have to brace the 6 a.m. struggle and come to school, because as much as we dread it, we need it.

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School = Broccoli: We Don’t Always Like What is Good for Us