Wizards Playoff Potential: A Closer Look

Sam Thapa, J1 Staff Writer

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The Washington Wizards began the NBA season as a strong team with big playoff aspirations. However, due to a key injury to John Wall and some spotty play, the Wizards’ playoff future is a bit unclear.

The Wizards are still in first place in the Southeast Division, but the division is weak, so the competition has not been a great challenge. So, where are the Wizards headed with two weeks left in the season and what kind of playoff hopes do they have? Let’s take a look.

The schedule for the Wizards is somewhat difficult. They started the second half with a tough game against the Boston Celtics on Wednesday, March 14, but they fought hard in this one and clawed their way back from a huge deficit to win in overtime. That showed people something. Coming up, they play the Houston Rockets on April 3rd in another test of their strength. These games will be a great challenge for the Wizards. They  only have about ten more games left in the season and these games are starting to get critical. With their starting point guard, John Wall, just back after surgery on his left knee, they need big games from other players. Wall’s return is important, but so too is key play from others.

If the NBA playoffs started today, the Wizards would play the Cleveland Cavaliers,  the current number 3 seed. The Wizards are 6th in the Eastern Conference and still have hope in the playoffs. The Cavs are a strong team and the Wizards will need to step up in order to beat the former NBA champions.

Although the Wiz are  first in their division, they need their bench to step up and put up more points. The team also needs to increase there three point percentage. In the month of March  the Wizards only have a three point percentage of 39.9% which is not average.

In the past few years the Wizards have successfully made the playoffs and have gone as far as the conference semifinals in the 2016-2017 season. They need to work together as a team as well as working on how to move the ball in order to make it farther in the playoffs. Currently being the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference and tied with the Cavaliers with 39 wins, every game counts. They need to win these key match ups in order to have a good position in the playoffs.

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Wizards Playoff Potential: A Closer Look