Gun Legislation Moves in the Right Direction

Kai Tresvant, J1 Staff Writer

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Imagine kissing your daughter before her getting on the school bus and she never returns home. This is what happened to 17 families in Parkland Florida during a school shooting.

In Parkland, Florida a mass shooting took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14th that took the lives of 17 people and injured 16 more.

Since that day a lot has happened that are related to responses from businesses. One business, Dicks Sporting Goods, has stopped selling assault style-rifles. ‘’ In an article by Nathan Bomey in ’ USA TODAY’’  he writes,  ‘’ The retailer will also end sales of high-capacity magazines and sales of guns to people under 21 years old ‘’

Dicks Sporting Goods is making a huge change to all their stores regarding guns because of the Florida shooting, which is helping the situation turn in a more positive way. Some republicans are reacting to changing the gun laws and reacting to President Trump’s ideas and comments on guns.

In a article by Lauren Fox and Ted Barrett of CNN Politics, they write,  ‘’Trump was explicit about what he wanted…On camera, he’d pushed to raise the age at which an individual can purchase a rifle from 18 to 21 even after a weekend lunch with officials from the National Rifle Association.”

Democrats responded to Trump’s comments on guns as well, noting that they don’t think he will ever take guns away. According to Fox and Barrett, West Virginia senator Joe Manchin said, ‘’With President Trump no one believes he will take their guns away.”

In Florida legislators did respond, though. According to New York Times writer Maggie Astor, Florida passed legislation that includes new rules on various aspects of gun ownership including raising the minimum age for all gun ownership to 21, creating a specific waiting age from 18 to 21.  They also voted to ban bump stocks, which are devices attached to rifles to enable them to fire faster.

These new laws in Florida are a good start for change as are the conversations happening around guns and what businesses such as Dick’s Sporting Goods are doing. The safety of the people should be the first priority, especially when kids are losing their lives. If we keep speaking up about guns and making changes that restrict access to guns, positive things will happen.    

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Gun Legislation Moves in the Right Direction