Give it Up for Spring Sports! Is Anyone Watching?

Giulia Pires, J1 Staff Writer

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Spring sports do not get the credit that they deserve.

By the time spring rolls around, everyone is so anxious to get school over with that they don’t really pay attention to the spring sports. It seems that when football and basketball season end students take that as an end to the year in sports. Spring sports are constantly forgotten. There is no pep rally to hype up the spring student-athletes, no student section out at games, and very little recognition whatsoever.

As a spring sports athlete it is sometimes hard to get excited for a game when no one seems to care , and you have to answer the inevitable question “do you have a game today?” because you are wearing your uniform for the fiftieth time. If spring sports had as much recognition and support as other teams in fall and winter seasons it would help with the mentality of the athletes.

Having the support of classmates at games would motivate and push athletes so much more. Hearing fans would really help act as a boost of adrenaline during a tough game.

I can only imagine a crowd half as large as we see at a Friday night basketball game lining the field for lacrosse, softball or baseball, or in the very same gym for co-ed volleyball. It would be amazing to feel the energy that many fall and winter teams feel in a packed house.

We’re not asking for the whole student section to drop everything and come out for a Tuesday game, but it would be great if the fans could come out and show the support they are capable of.
Also, we don’t need a huge pep rally – we’ve resigned ourselves to being the sort of forgotten season after all – but it would be great to have some announcements like they do for football and basketball promoting spring sports. It really would be greatly appreciated.

We work hard to do well at these games, and to be recognized for achievement and that effort would be great. Of course we play for the love of sport, for the love of the game, but when you look at other sports there is a whole stadium or arena filled with fans who support the team, and having this support adds to the hype of a game, and adds to the motivation of the team.

The truth is, spring sports just don’t carry enough weight for some reason. Half of the time when we do win games, either no one knows we won, or better yet, no one knew we had a game to begin with. It is a big deal when spring sports teams beat rival schools such as Blake and Springbrook, but much of the time people don’t even care because it’s not a win in a premium sport like football or basketball. Why must everyone only care for the “big” sports?

Sure, there are sports that are left out in the hype of football and basketball in the fall and winter, but at least these sports get to be represented at homecoming pep rallies, regardless of their popularity.

We are not asking for the whole school to drop everything and come out for all of the spring sports match ups, but it would be appreciated if there were at least a little more support from everyone at PB. All sports deserve the chance to be hyped up and recognized, and it’s both sad and frustrating that spring sports are the forgotten ones.

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Give it Up for Spring Sports! Is Anyone Watching?