Senior Banquet – One More Milestone Event Falls

Marvin Zuniga, J1 Staff Writer

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Well, one of two major senior events has happened – that’s right, senior banquet. After this night seniors have only one other  major event to count time before graduation: prom. However, despite the excitement of the event, the day was filled with controversy, but I made sure to  make the best out of the situation.

The banquet took place on April 5 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The event was in a small, compact dining room with multiple tables surrounding a dance floor and a buffet in another room. While the food and the drinks were not all that, once the  lights turned off and the music started to play, things changed. I am not the only one who believed in this, fellow senior Hans Kumen said, “The moment I entered the banquet it was boring with pure awkwardness surrounding the air until the music was put on and everyone started to dance. Everyone  came together to celebrate the banquet.”

Everyone began to dance at around 7 and didn’t stop until they kicked us out of the building and we were all forced to go home. At the end of the dance, everyone at the senior banquet ended up becoming closer and proving to everyone that the senior class can indeed have fun and actually become friends.

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Senior Banquet – One More Milestone Event Falls