Tiaret Mitchell, J1 Staff Writer

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As an avid art enthusiast, I know from first hand experiences that art in school environments is often not credited or even validated. . Growing up, I’ve often heard from  adults who do not see art as a “a real job” and who would push people away from the idea of wanting to become an artist. Luckily, we have a school that recognizes art and showcases growing artists.

The annual Art Show, which began on Thursday, April 19th,  displayed the work of hundreds of student-artists. Opportunities like this are truly amazing. Not only do they push the artists to create more, but allows them to  see the reactions of their peers and adults to their work, almost like having their own exhibit. This gives artists a sense of pride in their work. Events such as the art show can help a growing artist get more recognition and publicity for their work, and provide them a sense of validation. If their exhibition is really poppin it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Not only does the art show encourage new and growing artists, it allows them to work and create with their peers. This is essential to growing artists because it helps spark new creativity and incorporates new ideas. A show provides an opportunity for artists to receive and give constructive feedback. Opportunities like these are essential for artists because they are so limited.

I have had my photography and drawings featured in the art show since my freshman year and  it really makes me happy and proud when I see people looking at my work.      

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