Technology: Making Us Better or Lazier?

Jocelyn Wade, J1 Staff Writer

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Technology has made a significant impact on society. It has brought quick communication to people, inspired different learning techniques, and will continue to expand and advance.

However, to some adults, technology has a wicked side that they say is more like a disease than a cure, which is why they feel there needs to be less of it. These adults feel that technology is taking over children’s minds and and is making them lazy. What these people fail to realize, though, is that technology is actually making everyone’s life easier, Even though it does make everyone a bit lazier, it is getting the job done on what people are looking for.

Technology has made it easier for students and teachers in a number of ways. Teachers and students use  resources such as Google Classroom to post homework, notes from class, videos and images, or just as a reminder to do homework. Internet access allows students  to research almost anything in order to better understand course content, and provides a way to communicate with teachers via email with questions or if they are not at school. Being able to use these resources is a major advantage.

Regarding the larger argument that technology makes people lazy, this is hard to deny in some respects. However, at the same time it provides so much and makes life easier. So society just needs to learn to adapt to the change in people’s lives including their activity. Though we use technology to search even the simplest questions, people are retaining something from it. They are not purposely being lazy, When they have a question or something they want to know more about, people most likely by going to Google; are able to find the answer to their question.

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Technology: Making Us Better or Lazier?