Senioritis Strikes Again

Joshlyn Guzman, J1 Staff Writer

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Many students dread waking up for school in the morning, especially after being up later than they should have. After attending school from ages 5-18, we’re tired. The excitement for school subsides and stress kicks in. From deadlines to not understanding topics to  trying to get the highest grades we can, students have to battle through each and every day.

At the end of this thirteen year odyssey is senior year, a year that most  think will be the easiest out of all since we have been in school so long, are  almost done, have most of our credits, and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, this sense of comfort and relief is our biggest enemy.

This time is crucial for us because we’re transitioning into the real world whether that be higher education, workforce or military.

Although people tend to change over time and continue to grow, the habits we exhibit now reveal the essential building blocks of our  character that will follow us for the rest of our lives. That’s why this time can be so confusing for some.

For those seniors who trying to finish strong but who  have internships, jobs, play a sport, or some other form of responsibility outside of school, it can be a challenge to prioritize school work with so little time left. In fact, it seems  appropriate to say seniors are over school. Most have been accepted into college or have a plan after high school and feel as if everything else is just extra.

The end of senior year begins to feel like we’re coming to school just for the attendance. A quick look around a senior laden class and you see most in sweats, Starbucks in hand, slides or crocs on their feet and sometimes even a blanket over their comfortable attire.

While  it is important to avoid giving in to this feeling of senioritis at all costs for as long as possible and finish strong, the truth of the matter is it is tough.  Realizing that deadlines are still as important as they were in previous years and not allowing this sense of comfort and carelessness to kick in is hard to do, but if one is not able to do this, graduation can be affected. That’s enough to rally most. Each year the senior class grapples with these issues and  tend to create problems for themselves, especially during fourth quarter. The key is to enjoy your senior year, but stay alert and don’t let procrastination get the better of you.

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Senioritis Strikes Again