Do I Really Want to Be a Senior?

Jocelyn Wade, J1 Staff Writer

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The thought of being a senior next year is exhilarating, yet daunting. Being a senior means moving one step closer to being a high school graduate and getting out into the real world. Then there are the goodbyes, the exhausting amount of cash one must put into senior year, and the debate over whether I am ready for college and a life that should be much harder than what it is now.

Being a senior is full of captivating experiences. These include senior pictures, senior Unity Day , ordering graduation regalia – cap, gown, and cords –  senior rings, senior trips, prom, and graduation. These sound wonderful on the surface until it comes time to pay. Being a senior sounds expensive, but it comes with immense number of  memories at the same time, memories that will put dust in your wallet. Add to this the cost of college and that is tens of thousands more. Then, after you make all of those memories and friendships, you have to leave them behind after graduation.  Once again, just like high school, you must leave the friends you made behind.

Okay, back to the present. Being one step closer to being a high school graduate is an exciting feeling, especially for people who have worked hard to get to graduation. Getting ready to go out into the world and experience what is coming your way and finding the path that you choose to be on for your life is exhilarating. Even though many seniors seem like they are already over high school – and the  12 plus years of schooling and stress – it still means a lot to be able to show off your high school diploma.

Everyone knows about senioritis and how it makes seniors stressed out and not want to work anymore. This is the one thing I am scared of the most when I think about being a senior next year. I don’t want to get accepted into colleges and let them see that I’ve started slacking in my work because I got in and have nothing to worry about. Colleges can effortlessly take away someone’s acceptance. One can only hope that they don’t have to go through this.

All in all, I am excited to be a senior next year, I just have to prepare myself for everything that comes with it.

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Do I Really Want to Be a Senior?