Top and Featured Scholars Honored

Jourdan Zelaya, Opinions Editor

Doing well in high school is, of course, a priority for most students. We want to make our families and ourselves proud as we move our way through school. In order to make our families proud, we must work hard and be determined in all we do, whether it be as a student, an athlete or just as a hard-working teen. It’s no secret that we all want to be the very best that we can possibly be. However, for those who go above and beyond the expectations of their teachers, their families, and even themselves, there is often little recognition beyond a feeling of satisfaction.

At Paint Branch, these students do not go unnoticed. These students are Paint Branch Top Scholars and Featured Scholars.

The Top Scholars are represented by those who will finish high school ranked within the top 5% of their class, while the Featured Scholars are a group who have shown significant improvement in their academics throughout their four years as a student in high school.

On May 2nd and May 8th, Paint Branch honored these students and acknowledged their achievements by hosting a semi-formal dinner at the Sheraton College Park North hotel in Beltsville. Honored students were asked to invite one influential staff member, a person who made an impact on them during their high school journey. This staff member delivered a speech during the evening’s festivities that honored the student and acknowledged their growth as a student and young adult.
At both events, the atmosphere was light, the food was tasty, and the feeling in the room was one of success and achievement – not to mention a few laughs and heartfelt applause.