BTS Goes Big In New Series “Burn The Stage”

Aiesha Solomon, Features Editor

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Have you ever wanted to know about the types of music people listen to in other
countries? Perhaps you do listen to music from other countries, but you’ve never really invested in knowing just what drives these artist’s music.

Well, if you are curious or you already follow musicians from around the world, you should really check out BTS and the new series “BTS: Burn The Stage.” If you have never heard of the band BTS, let me give you a little profile of this group. BTS is a Korean group with seven male members who all hail from South Korea. These seven members are – oldest to youngest – Seokjin Kim, a vocalist, Yoongi Min, a rapper, Hoseok Jung, rapper and lead dancer, Namjoon Kim, also a rapper, Jimin Park, a vocalist and dancer, Taehyung Kim, a vocalist, and Jungkook Jeon, a dancer and vocalist. All the members have an important role in the group such as rapper, vocalist, dancer, leader, visual, and so on. The leader of the group is Namjoon Kim and the visual or face of the group is Seokjin Kim.
This group works great together. When one of the members of the group struggles with something like not being the best at singing or dancing, they always help each other and now everyone in the group dances amazingly and sings well. The “BTS: Burn The Stage” series captures many of the steps they took on the way to stardom, including hardships that led them to the top of the charts and popularity in music.

The main focus of the new series, which is available on YouTube, is that BTS wants to share their story of struggle and success leading them to where they are in South Korea and all over the globe. The series takes place in 2017 during BTS’ “WINGS” world tour, which took them from the US all the way back to South Korea. Most episodes showcase the relationship between the seven members, including the challenges they face with a pretty large age gap between some of them. Despite these challenges, they are all like brothers fighting through every issue, learning to keep their familial relationship strong and not letting fights fester too long.

The leader of the group, Namjoon Kim, also raises some interesting thoughts about who a performer has to be on stage and how they act with people they know. Kim, in the series, elaborates that “I decided upon the thought that I can only find myself once. I can admit to myself and approve that both sides are sides of myself.”

Other musicians create two different versions of themselves on stage and off of it, but the fact that these seven can keep up those personalities while also performing and, in some cases, do it injured like Jungkook did in episode 1 and Namjoon did in episode 6 gives me
inspiration to give my all in everything I do. The one thing that always keeps them happy
working on and off stage is their love of music and the support of their fanbase A.R.M.Y.

For the inspiration and hard work BTS always gives me and other fans all over the world, I give their series “Burn The Stage” an 8.5 out of 10.

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BTS Goes Big In New Series “Burn The Stage”