Teens At Work

Jocelyn Wade, J1 Staff Writer

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College tuition, savings, and life’s necessities like food and pocket money are just some of the reasons why teens need to have a job.

Teens, especially those in high school, need to start making and saving money because sooner or later they will be going off to college and will have to pay for some of their own essentials. A job is also a great way to get a head start on life, as a job allows a person to work on his/her communication skills, which is an essential part of life. Tracy Morgan’s article “The Pros and Cons of Teens Getting Jobs,” states that a job “allows teens to gently pull away from the parental-guarded environment, which will help pave the way to adulthood” and can be a “real eye opener.”

A job provides teens with a  slight extension of responsibility, which allows them to be  able to see what their future might look like when they get into the working world and make money. Morgan notes the importance of earning money and learning how to spend it. He states, “Being responsible for their personal purchases helps teens learn to budget and plan out their finances.” By making their own money, kids can learn how to manage their finances wisely as they bring in their paychecks. They can see why they need to spend money on necessities instead of the things that they just want.

Finally, having a job allows kids to experience the world of professionalism. They have to know how to dress correctly for their job, how to act properly in the workplace, how to manage their time, and  how to communicate with others. The only drawback for some kids might be the fact that they already have a lot on their plate and a job would require too much of them. Whether it be sports, classes, or taking care of other family members, it can be hard for many kids to have jobs because they are already overwhelmed with everything else. For these young people a job is not a good idea as it brings more responsibility to an already busy life.

All in all, having a job is great to have, if the student is capable of having one along with everything else they do. A job brings many life lessons and money that teens can finally make on their own and learn to spend.

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