PB Opens its Doors for Back to School Night

Doris Bull, Staff Writer

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On Thursday, September 13th, Paint Branch hosted its annual Back to School Night. As parents and students made their way into the building and strolled along the table fair set up in the main hallway, they were greeted with friendly smiles and the opportunity to see and talk to people representing the variety of programs that PB has to offer.

The table fair allowed parents to talk with an associate from each table to find out more information regarding what students do in specific programs, activities, and classes. From sports to clubs and extracurricular activities to the different classes that students can take, parents had a chance to learn about them all. Some of the groups, in order to help out with fundraising for class projects and programs, incorporated entrepreneurial endeavors such as selling water and coffee, having a bake sale, and even walking and selling snacks around the building.

After the table fair, parents headed to their student’s homeroom where they had an opportunity to listen to Dr. Yarbrough’s opening message, pick up a student schedule, and join the PTSA.

After homeroom, parents went through their student’s schedule, which gave some parents and families a true sense of PB’s size. Spending seven minutes in each class provided them an opportunity to ask teachers questions about the course and get a better understanding of what their student does in the class.

After spending the evening learning the halls and classrooms of PB, parents and families finished off seventh period, armed with important information and made their way out of PB and into the humid evening.

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PB Opens its Doors for Back to School Night