The Return of BSU

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The Return of BSU

Asha-Lee Peterkin, Staff Writer

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Do you enjoy meeting new people, being a part of engaging discussions, and learning about cultures? If you do, the Black Student Union (BSU) is the club for you.

BSU, entering its second year at Paint Branch, held its first meeting of the year on Tuesday, September 18th. The meeting began with the club’s mission statement; they aim to promote unity in the community among all students and spread acceptance and  awareness of cultural diversity throughout Paint Branch High School. The club officials introduced themselves along with the staff sponsor, Mrs. Walker. The club president is senior Manelle Quao, vice presidents Jelani Wendt and Katelyn Morgan and the other officers are Samara Wondimu, Christian Balemlay, Tiaret Mitchell and Marika Mwansa. The club officials later presented a slideshow of their accomplishments from last year, went over the plans they have for this school year, and ended with apparel sales.

After the meeting, senior officer Christian Balemlay said that the club’s objective is to “unify and connect the students at Paint Branch. Even though it’s called ‘Black Student Union’ it’s not just for black people. We want Paint Branch as a whole to be more connected and feel like they have someone there for them.”

She added  that she joined BSU to “leave a positive image” for the underclassmen.

Manelle Quao, mentioned that Paint Branch students have “a lot to look forward to this  year. BSU is planning to have ‘Forum Fridays,’ a day where they discuss issues that we are facing today.” Quao also noted that PB students should keep an eye for the next meeting for more information and to join!                                                                         

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The Return of BSU