Richmond Pride Festival

Well Attended Event Has a Rather Lackadaisical Vibe

Jacob Smith, Staff Writer

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Richmond, Virginia held its annual LGBT+ Pride Festival on Saturday, September 22. The event, which is held yearly as a reinforcement of the city’s support towards the LGBT+ community, brought people together to  support the community as a whole.

Despite the humid and cloudy weather, the attendance was impressive, with a minimum of 200 people on hand. While the crowd exhibited a general contentedness, most were underwhelmed with the festival, which was evident in the general lack of enthusiasm visible in those in attendance..

For those who did find things to do, the activities included food stalls, live  music and dancing, a small beanbag toss, and soccer, where the players found themselves within human hamster balls covering their upper body. Although this would seem intriguing to the passerby, the magnitude of the attendance ensured very few could participate.  

One person at the festival who enjoyed the event, but found it less than exciting was Ryan Smith. Smith stated, “There’s a lot of people and support for this, which is great, but once you’re here there isn’t much you can do”.

This sentiment seemed to be shared by  the majority of those attending who generally walked around without purpose trying to find some amusement.

Kate Taylor attended the event even though she’s not a big fan of such functions, she said, “ I don’t really like the music or anything, I more feel like showing my support.”

Although the community was very open in their support of the festival and it was well-organized, ultimately it fell a bit flat as many in attendance were underwhelmed by the activities present.

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Richmond Pride Festival