Art Club Meets to Discuss Events and Celebrate Art

Nathan Terry, III, Staff Writer

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Are you interested in fine art, music, or even poetry? If so, then the art club might be the right place or you.

The art club kicked off its first meeting of the year on Wednesday, September 26 with a bang as lots of kids showed up to learn about the club or jump back into another year.

When things got rolling, kids were excited for the upcoming activities such as field trips to art museums in DC. Art club Sponsor Mrs. Cooper said the trip, “gives kids a chance to connect with different art styles and cultures.”

As things kept moving, Mrs. Cooper took a moment  to discuss what the club is all about. “It is all about building community through art projects,” said Mrs.Cooper.

Another topic that the club discussed is the Paint branch coffee house event, which allows kids a place to share their art in the form of singing, sharing, poetry and in other  ways. Mrs.Cooper said that she feels like “the arts at PB are not really connected with each other.”

As the meeting came to an end, many people looked very happy as they thought about the different activities and the different trips the group has planned. Additionally, many look forward to the annual PB art show in the spring , which allows the whole school to see the work of the entire department.

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Art Club Meets to Discuss Events and Celebrate Art