Can We Solve Our Political Problems With Political Correctness?

Nigus Getahun, Staff Writer

America is very divided at the moment, and I’m sure you all know that. It seems like politics has polarized the country. Our political ideology has so possessed our minds that we refuse to accept others based on their political beliefs.

Conservatives despise liberals, liberals despise conservatives, capitalists despise socialists, socialists despise capitalists, pro-lifers despite pro-choicers and the divisive list goes on. Division has become the norm so much that, nowadays, it’s very rare to see people with different views having nuanced political discussions.

The recent Kanye West controversy is a big example of political division in America. Kanye’s support for the president and his refusal to vote Democrat has many people appalled and horrified. It is completely baffling to think that we have reached a point where it is alright to not accept a person, to bash a person for simply having a different perspective on politics. Politics is an ideology just like religion or philosophy. So why shouldn’t one’s political leanings be dependent on that person’s perspective rather than a societal and identity norm?

The truth is, none of the political sides are objectively right on any issues. That’s why there needs to be an understanding in people, a realization that the beliefs we hold might be wrong. This seems to be a major sticking point in today’s political climate. Perhaps people just want to be told they are right more than they wish to be actually correct. Maybe people have embraced Trump’s rallying cry from the campaign trail and are simply enjoying “so much winning.”

So, how do we fix this? How do we address the divide we face. Perhaps political correctness is the answer to the problem. Absolutely not! This whole idea is built on hysteria and using it as a weapon to prevent things that one personally finds uncomfortable. If you don’t like what someone has to say, debate it or discuss it. If you can’t stand it, leave. Attempting to silence a differing opinion by feigning offense only creates anger and dissension in those who are silenced.

Political Correctness is only a glorified version of censorship. The original idea behind it is noble, but its purity is abused quickly once employed. American stand up comedian and author George Carlin summed the idea up pretty well when he said, “Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners.”

So, is there a better alternative to having our political problems sanitized and living in a world of division? The answer is quite simple, really. The answer lies in a nuanced and respectful discussion. This way people can understand each other on an intellectual level rather than emotion and ego.
Controlling the human consciousness and most basic freedom, man’s right to think and speak will only lead to tyranny.