PB Homecoming 2018

Nyasha Marufu, Features Editor

Homecoming Week means one thing: strange outfits. This whole week was no exception as it saw pajamas that made some students sleep in class, cultural attire from around the world, representations of the wackiest memes, some interesting styles from the 80’s and 90’s, and a bunch of togas. All of this culminated in a spirited pep rally that made everyone scream PB all day long. This year’s homecoming week was exciting and thrilling.

If homecoming showed us anything it is that amazing PB traditions are still going strong and getting better every year.

The week began with an epic pajama day. Students and teachers came to school like they just came out of bed. Many students wore their coziest PJs with their favorite blankets and teddy bears to make the school day more comfortable.

On Tuesday, students and teachers took part in Culture/USA Day, a day where you could wear your country’s colors, outfits, and even flags. Students and teachers also wore their best American outfits on a day that truly showed how diverse Paint Branch really is.

Wednesday was wacky tacky/meme day, a day where students and teachers put on their craziest or out of this world costumes and outfits. Some students dressed in wacky colors wore their underwear outside of their clothes, and one student even dressed as a dinosaur. Some students dressed up as their favorite meme, like the Arthur meme, the calm down meme, and “catch me outside how about that” meme.
Thursday was throwback day, and for seniors it was toga day. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and teachers were sent back in time and dressed in their best 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s outfits. While the seniors enjoyed the day in their togas.

The school ended the week with school colors and class colors day. The freshmen wore white, the sophomores wore gold, the juniors wore burgundy, and the seniors wore black. At the end of the day, all the students celebrated in unison at the prep rally, which brimmed with excitement all around the stadium. Performances from multiple groups including the Poms and Cheerleaders brought the crowd to their feet, and the annual announcement of Homecoming King and Queen took place.

After the sun went down, the students came back out to the stadium for the night’s battle between the Panthers and Sherwood – which the Panthers dominated 35-7 – and alumni came back to share some memories of their time at PB.

Students ended their exciting week with annual homecoming dance, marking an end to another exciting week fun and spirit.